About Us

We Float Away

 Do you know who we are?

We are a bunch of “kids” that look different, act different, think different,… the only thing that binds us together is our love to party, to hang out, to meet new people, to talk with them and to travel. thus, we know this city and the surrounding cities as we know the back of our hand and we are willing to offer to those we are in need, especially new faces.

Do you know why we choose this name?

We are not the same as other young people: they have their dreams of a decent job, good paychecks and nice cars and trendy clothings, and trips to luxurious resorts; on the other hand, we work just to save us enough money, then quit our jobs, and bush walk for several months. That is why we call ourselves the floating kids, because we are always drifting away.

Do you know why we build this page?

Yes, for money. But no matter what we do, we only make honest money our of honest business. Thus, no tricks, no cons and not plots. Come to us and let us show you the time of your life.